Live Where You Want

                                   ...Live How You Want

For many clients, renting is the answer to all their needs. It is the fastest and easiest way to live where and how they want. Let us help you find the perfect location at a price that fits your needs. 

Reasons Why Renting Is A Great Alternative




The flexibility of renting, rather than purchasing a home is second to none.  Renting allows you to be more mobile then if you were tied down. Whether it be starting a new family or availability of job openings, being able to relocate quickly is a must. Finding a new apartment is much cheaper and faster than buying and selling homes, which can cost thousands in fees and take months to finalize.

More Money In YOUR Pocket

Down payments on homes place a significant financial burden on many Americans. New Jersey has an average down payment of 13.6%, over 1.5% the national average. With median home prices in Northern New Jersey well over $400,000, the money adds up. 

Less Risk

Renting allows you to not be held at the mercy of the housing market. With the volatility in the market in recent years, the risk of home foreclosures has increased tremendously. Renting prevents the possibility of foreclosure and allows greater peace of mind during our nations recovery process.

Location, Location, Location

Not everyone can afford to property in metropolitan areas. That's where renting comes in. Renting allows you a wider range of locations to choose from. Whether you want to experience downtown attractions or be closer to public transportation, the option is yours.