Selling your real estate property is a headache

.......but when choosing the right agency it doesn't have to be.


Selling real estate, whether it is your first home or an investment property is a time consuming process.  You need to know how the local market is trending so you are not leaving potential profits in the wind.  We perform a comparative market analysis that shows you what other homes are selling for in your area. Knowing your property's real value is part of the process of finding you the best price in a timely fashion.

Why We Are   Right For You



Maximum Exposure

We use same tools as that big commercial firms, without the big commercial feel.  We make sure to provide the best tools available to our clients.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

We take a team approach to every listing we get. Every person has different strengths that make them unique, our agents are no different. Whether it be an agent's extensive network, negotiating skills, or knowledge of area demographics, our clients can be sure to expect  superior service at every level of the real estate process.

You Are Our Most Important Client

Being a successful family owned and operated firm we know our strength is in our service. Selling property is time consuming, confusing, and at times frustrating. Working with agents who :

  • Are unresponsive to client needs
  • Are too busy to return calls in a timely fashion
  • Keep their clients in the dark about the real estate process
  • Treat larger listings with priority a real concern. Whether our clients have multi million dollar homes on the market or are looking to sublet a single bedroom apartment, they will receive the same level of professionalism and dedication from our agents.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Sellers

Shouldn't I List My Initial Sales Price as High as Possible? 

In short, no. With what the average person knows about negotiating, you set a price as high as possible and then after a few short negotiations the price may come down a little but will still be higher than the market.  How could you lose? Well when you overprice your home a few things happen. An overpriced home must first compete with other homes in that price range.  This causes your home to stay on the market for a long period of time, and with most interest coming in the first few weeks of listing, this is devastating. So after a few months of no perspective buyers, you lower your sales price. At this time, buyers notice how long its been on the market and begin to second guess your homes appeal.  Now you have wasted time and lost potential buyers. That's why Generation IV uses a Comparative Market Analysis to see what home prices are in your area and suggests a price that best fits your area demographics. This is the best strategy for quickly selling your home for the best price around. 

Do I Really Need an Agent? 

Real estate professionals have been trained to understand the real estate buying and selling process. Just like a mechanic is best qualified to fix your car, realtors are best suited to navigate the real estate process. They are trained to understand the volumes of paperwork that you are bound to encounter, as well as buffers between  the client and potential buyers. These buffers weed out unqualified individuals, as well as having the negotiating skills to ensure the best price for you. In the end, the decision is yours to make, and when choosing Generation IV you will be confident in making the right one.